AdvancedREI makes it easy to:


Gather details about any property and enter them into our simple wizard. We'll build a property summary with an accurate, interactive Ten-Year Cash Flow Statement.


Create an unlimited number of financial scenarios and easily share them with others. Your clients, partners, or fellow investors can create their own and share them as well.


Learn how others are interacting with your property. Did they even open your e-mail? Did they create new scenarios? We give you in-depth statistics that are not possible elsewhere.

Go beyond Pro-Forma to get the details other tools miss

Did you know that the same century-old, pen-and-paper formulas for multi-family income are still in use today? Modern applications that use these fomulas simply can't model what really happens. We use the same proven formulas used by the retail, office, and industrial sectors to more accurately project your cash flow, rendering the Pro-Forma obsolete.

Explore the possibilities by creating a wide range of interactive scenarios

Because brokers can only create one set of financials, they present figures that are a tangled mess of fact and opinion. AdvancedREI enables users to create multiple scenarios that separate the current operating reality from future investment potential. This allows investors to trust the numbers, and brokers to showcase their expertise.

Forge new connections with insights you can't get anywhere else

Other companies say they give you stats, but all you get is who opened your e-mails. Our in-depth statistics go beyond the basics to tell you who is actually interacting with your properties, and what they are doing. That way, you can focus your marketing efforts on people who have demonstrated their interest.

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